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Knauf Energy Solutions Delivers Real Performance in the Gansbeek Residential Area

Knauf Energy Solutions

8 Nov 2023

Enhancing 63 Social Housing Units in Bilzen with Sustainable Energy Solutions

In a collaborative effort with housing company "Wonen in Limburg" and Fluvius, Knauf Energy Solutions (KES) embarked on a project in the Gansbeek residential area of Bilzen, Belgium. This project focused in energy efficiency monitoring and retrofitting 63 social housing units with, emphasizing KES' commitment to delevering real performance and improved residential comfort. The project's significance was highlighted by a visit from the Flemish Minister of Energy, Zuhal Demir.

KES executed a comprehensive transformation of 63 social housing units in the Gansbeek residential area, prioritizing genuine energy efficiency improvements and enhanced living conditions for the residents.

KES' services encompassed essential elements such as advanced insulation, high-efficiency windows and doors, and state-of-the-art hybrid heat pumps. These measures were carefully implemented to achieve real energy savings for the benefit of the residents.

The outstanding accomplishment of an average 60% in energy savings underscores KES' dedication to delivering substantial benefits. This achievement not only significantly enhances residential comfort but also translates into significant cost savings for the tenants. KES' approach and the results delivered only highlight the importance of transitioning into a model of where real performance can be measured and moreover, felt by the people living in the dwelling.

Key Facts: 

  • Location: Gansbeek residential area, Bilzen, Belgium

  • Building Type: Social housing units.

  • Size of Project: 63 Units

  • Measures: Pre and post monitoring, advanced insulation, high-efficiency windows and doors, state-of-the-art hybrid heat pumps.

  • Savings Delivered: 60% average reduction in energy costs.

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