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Why measuring and monitoring?

1. What are you measuring?

We measure how much energy your home needs to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. To know this, we measure the following things:

  • ·       Energy consumption of the boiler and the electricity & gas meter readings

  • ·       Temperature, humidity and CO2 in the house

2. Why are you measuring?

By measuring the exact heat demand (in stead of calculating), you are better informed to make good decisions in terms of retrofit works and to regulate/set your heating and ventilation.

If renovation works are planned and we are measuring your house, you can compare what your house is consuming before and after these works. This way we measure whether the renovation works carried out have been done properly, so that you see the promised savings on your energy bill.

And last but not least, we can measure whether the air inside your home is healthy (humidity and CO2) and pleasant to live in.

3. Can’t I just compare my energy bills?

Your energy bills are influenced by a range of factors such as the weather, how much time you spend at home and your personal preferences. Our system helps us filter out all personal and environmental factors and focus solely on the energy use of your house (a.o. the insulation, windows and the building quality of the house itself).


4. Why should I cooperate in this project?

By having your house measured, you get a view on the actual energy performance of your house. Any defects before or after the renovation can easily be detected. Our measurements give you more insight and certainty into a good quality home.

5. What is the benefit for me?

It's completely free! We perform a full energy scan of your home and we take care of your comfort and quality of life.

If you want to know how to save on your energy bill, our measurements will help you on your way to get the most out of your home without being left out in the cold

Questions related to installed kits

6. How long will this kit remain in my house?

Our devices will be installed in your home in the winter before the start of the renovation works. The devices will remain there during at least 3 winter months before and 3 winter months after the renovation works. So the kit will remain in place for a minimum of 15 months, depending on the execution time of the works.

7. We had an electricity outage.

7.1 What do I need to do?

Normally you don’t have to do anything. As soon as the electricity turns back on, our systems will reboot and switch back on. Should we encounter an issue, we will contact you.

7.2 Can you see when we had an electricity outage?

Yes we can see when there has been an electricity outage, because we will not have received any data during that period of time.

8. I accidentally unplugged a device.

8.1 What do I need to do?

Please, replug the device again.

8.2 Can you see when we unplug a device?

Yes we can see when a device was unplugged, because we will not have received any data during that period of time.

9. A sensor fell off the wall.

9.1 Can I re-install it myself?

If the sensor plus the holding piece fell of the wall you can put it on some furniture close to the place where it originally was. Then you can notify us by sending us an email to the project email address.

9.2 Can I move the sensor to another place in the room?

No, it’s important they stay at the same place.

10. I will be going on holiday for a longer period of time. Can I disconnect the devices?

No, please don’t disconnect any devices or turn the electricity off, during the entire measuring period.

11. How much energy does your KIT consume?

Our Kit room sensors work on batteries (that we provide). The other devices that are plugged in, have been designed to work on low energy consumption to not impact our customers' bills. The estimated breakdown of yearly energy consumption is +/- 18Kwh/year.

12. Does your device collect data via our Wi-Fi network?

No, we use our own 4G network to collect the data and we don’t have access to your Wi-fi network nor the information you share on that network.


13. How do we know if the batteries are still working?

You don’t, when we see we don’t receive data anymore we will contact you and if necessary replace the batteries.

Questions related to appointmments

14. How many times do you need to visit our house?

Normally we just have to visit your place twice: once upon installation and once upon extraction of the devices. In the case a device is not working well, it is possible that we need to come and replace it, but if that happes we will contact you before.

15. How long does a visit take?

The installation takes approximately 1 hour per house. If we need a visit afterward the visit time will not take longer then 30 minutes.

16. What should I do if I am not available on the day of the appointment?

If you are not available for the appointment, and you can’t leave your key with a neighbour or family-member,  please let us know via email (on the provided project emailaddress), and we can reschedule the appointment.

17. Do you contact us when you need to visit our place?

Yes, we will always contact you beforehand when we need to visit your place.

Privacy related questions

18. I have a question related to my privacy, who can I contact?

You received a copy of the privacy policy when you signed it. Please read it carefully, it should answer most of your privacy related questions. If you still have questions, you can send an email with your specific question to the project email address.

19. Can I have a copy of my signed documents?

You received a copy of all the documents, the day you signed them. If you have lost them, please send an email to the project email address and we will send you a copy.

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