Part of the Knauf Group, we are the building performance solution for asset owners.

We support the delivery of high quality energy efficiency outcomes for new build and retrofit, as well as providing smart home services.

Key to what we do is a technology breakthrough - the negaWatt hour meter.


For the first time energy efficiency can be measured the same way as energy generation.


A kiloWatt hour of energy saved is now equivalent to a kiloWatt hour of energy supplied.

This technology means that asset owners can:


  • Calculate the real energy savings day-after-day for building retrofits

  • Properly benchmark the fabric energy performance of new builds and retrofits

  • Create the necessary feedback loops to significantly improve the design and quality of work on-site


What’s more, this breakthrough is cost-effective which means that high performance outcomes can finally be procured at scale.

This starts us on the exciting journey of building Virtual Energy Infrastructure.


Welcome to a new world in which 400,000 Smart Retrofit homes can now substitute a one gigaWatt power station at a fraction of the cost.



Our building performance solution fundamentally rebalances the risk / return trade-off for new build and retrofit projects.

All too often asset owners are left with long-term risk exposure and return on investment calculations which fail to materialise in practice.


Cold bridges are not properly managed, ventilation issues overlooked, full maintenance costs ignored, shortcuts in workmanship taken.  The list goes on.


By partnering with Knauf Energy Solutions asset owners can reverse this outcome to instead obtain a significantly lower risk / higher return result – one that is real, not aspirational.


We act either as a Technical Advisory Service sitting between the asset owner and their preferred Design-Build-Operate provider.


Or we assume a more hands-on role by offering a One-Stop-Shop energy efficiency service, supported by our own quality assured network of main contractors.

This enables us to properly manage risk for asset owners.  We:


  • Avoid Risks: Design out problems based on a holistic understanding of how all of a building’s structures and systems interact with one another in the real world, not just in a simulated model

  • Reduce Risks: Control works and delivery processes through a comprehensive on-site quality assurance regime, as well as customised training programmes that certify contractors

  • Transfer Risks: Sign-off on the actual real performance achieved by the new build or retrofit and only then is the work accepted

Continuous feedback from a network of smart connected building sensors is at the heart of this process. 


We have coupled these sensors with the latest advances in cloud computing and data science, as well as a decade of building science research. 


The result: a fundamentally new understanding of building performance and how to deliver it in practice.


So now when it comes to asset owners managing their Return on Investment (ROI) more effectively, we can:

  • Maximise ROI: Engineer cost-optimum solutions, specifying the precise set of energy efficiency measures that will deliver the biggest return on investment

  • Know ROI: Verify and quantify the real energy savings achieved by the new build or retrofit, enabling concrete analysis of value for money, as well as accountability

  • Increase ROI: Place smart control systems in new builds and retrofits that manage these assets in real-time, as well as enabling predictive and preventative maintenance programmes

Underpinning this process is our emphasis on long-term relationship management with asset owners, tenants and the building chain.

Our building performance solution is offered to asset owners as 3 fully integrated services: Smart Build, Smart Retrofit and Smart Home.



"Working closely with Knauf Energy Solutions is helping us to re-imagine the way that we retrofit our stock.  Their combination of advanced IoT technology, product innovation and on-site quality control is unique.  It offers us a great opportunity to dramatically improve our stock's energy performance."


—  Bart Vranken, Director


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