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Smart Retrofit of 185 Houses in Halle, Belgium

Knauf Energy Solutions

17 Mar 2023

Optimising for Real Energy Performance

In Halle, Belgium, we embarked on a remarkable project targeting 185 social housing units, marking our first major endeavor focused on real performance. These homes, contructed between 1950 and 1970, comprised a diverse range of 20 housing types, including both apartments and houses. Working closely with CVBA Woonpunt Zennevallei (WPZ), we offered a comprehensive analysis and presented renovation options that allowed them to make informed decisions considering cost, risk and energy performance. The result: an astounding average energy savings of 39%, saving tenants an average of €800 euros a year.

Our team at KES left no stone unturned in implementing an extensive retrofit strategy. We tackled multiple fronts, including roof insulation, airtightness enhancements, cavity wall insulation, ventilated facades, window and door replacements, ventilation improvements, heating system upgrades, and even lowering the ground level along the water retaining layer. Every step of the way, we guided the residents through the process, ensuring the success of this ambitious endeavor.

The energy performance achievements of the Halle Vogelweelde project are nothing short of impressive, with an astonishing average Energy Demand Index (EDI) savings of 39%. As a frontrunner in the field of energy efficiency solutions, KES remains steadfast in our commitment to delivering innovative and effective measures for all types of buildings. By reducing energy consumption and costs while simultaneously enhancing the living conditions for tenants, we continue to make a profound impact in our clients' projects.

Contact us today to learn more about our retrofit services for social housing. Discover how we can help unlock the true energy performance potential of your properties, creating comfortable and energy-efficient homes that will leave a lasting impact.

Key Facts:

  • Location: Halle, Belgium

  • Building Type: 1950's to 1970's Houses and Apartments

  • Size of Project: 185 Units

  • Measures: Roof Insulation, Airtightness Enhancements, Cavity Wall Insulation, Ventilated Facades, Window and Door Replacements, Ventilation Improvements, Heating System Upgrades.

  • Savings Delivered: 39% Average Improvement

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