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Making Pay for Performance a Reality

Knauf Energy Solutions

14 Dec 2023

Buildwise examined the accuracy of KES Real Performance technology

Pay for performance energy efficiency programmes are the future. To ensure these programmes are credible, it is essential that real performance measuring technologies can be demonstrated to be highly accurate.
Taking another major step along this road, KES recently teamed up with Buildwise, Belgium’s scientific and technical centre for the construction industry, to carry out a blind test of our accuracy.

The result was an average error of just 5.3% across 14 homes.

The Buildwise study examined the ability of KES Real Performance technology to accurately estimate real energy use in private residential homes, accounting for the impact of human behaviour and weather. Based solely on its understanding of the energy efficiency of the home, local weather conditions, and internal conditions of the houses (e.g. temperature), the KES algorithm estimated space heating energy use during a period when it was blind to this energy data.

The findings, as illustrated in Figure 1 below, showcase the monthly heating energy consumptions for each dwelling versus the KES estimate – the closer the bars the more accurate the prediction.

At Knauf Energy Solutions, accuracy is not just a goal; it's our standard.

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Interested in the details? Find the complete report here.

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