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Knauf Energy Solutions Delivers Impressive Results in the Gansbeek Residential Area

Knauf Energy Solutions

8 Nov 2023

Enhancing 63 Social Housing Units in Bilzen with Sustainable Energy Solutions

Bilzen, Belgium - On the 14th September the Flemish Minister for Energy Zuhal Demir visited the Gansbeek Residential area were Knauf Energy Solutions (KES), in collaboration with social housing company "Wonen in Limburg" and Fluvius, has successfully transformed 63 social housing units, delivering real performance that translates into an average of 60% energy savings and improved residential comfort for the tenants.

Jan Buyle, the Commercial Director of Knauf Energy Solutions, highlights that in addition to insulation, high-efficiency windows, and hybrid heat pumps, every home recieved an innovative energy efficiency monitoring system. This combination of technologies has resulted in substantial energy savings, with initial results showing a potential of over 60%. Knauf Energy Solutions played a key role in the project, overseeing the design, construction, and communication aspect. Importantly, this is not the first time Knauf Energy Solutions has demonstrated the importance of real performance; KES has alreaady made over 400 Flemish social homes more energy-efficient using similiar technology.

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