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Upgraded Loft Insulation of 20 Nearly New Built Houses - Burnley, UK

Knauf Energy Solutions

9 Feb 2023

Enhancing Comfort and Reducing Energy Costs

Our retrofitting project in Burnley, UK focused on improving energy efficiency and achieving substantial savings in a cluster of newly built houses. With the aim of enhancing comfort and reducing energy costs, KES replaced the existing loft insulation in 20 houses with high-quality, carefully installed new insulation. This intervention resulted in an average energy savings of 14% for residents, providing tangible results which wouldn't be reflected in an Energy Perofrmance Certificate (EPC) due to the nature of the retrofit.

In this project, KES replaced the existing loft insulation, ensuring strict quality assurance measures during the installation process. What makes this project particularly noteworthy is that we replaced the existing loft insulation with very similar loft insulation - except installed with strict quality assurance. Since the two loft insulation products were so similar, these results in an EPC certificate would have represented zero change - but in practice, the upgraded loft insulation resulted in an average savings of 14%. Not only did this lead to reduced energy consumption, but it also translated into significant financial savings for the homeowners who also now enjoy a more comfortable home.

This suggests that the quality of install of the original roof insulation alone has led to the nearly newbuild house to consume significantly more total energy than it would have under a better-quality install.

This project in Burnley, UK serves as a testament to the importance of high-quality installation of retrofit measures.

Key Facts:

  • Location: Burnley, UK

  • Building Type: Nearly New Built Houses

  • Size of Project: 20 Nearly New Built Houses

  • Measures: Replace Existing Loft Insulation with Strict Quality Assurance Measures.

  • Savings Delivered: 14% Average Improvement

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